Stop by at SHACKZ, Zeaside’s Food truck and take a quick or relaxed voyage through traditional, home style food and wholesome, healthy quick meals.

Shackz will evoke memories of corner Tea Shops on the roadside and shacks on beaches, places to grab a bite on the go, to meet people and enjoy fresh, clean, tasty food.

The fare will consist of the popular, the traditional, and convenient grab-and-go dishes.

Take your pick from a variety of Idlis, Dosas, Vadas; a host of savouries; ‘thali’ meals; ever popular Rajma-Chawal, Samosas, Vada-Paav; Indian Breads & Rice with curries; Combos and Rolls; Beverages, including the famed ‘metre coffee’ and much more.

Not to forget irresistible Streetfood and a bit of ‘fusion’ with Chettinad Burgers & Sandwiches

Rush or Relax, SHACKz will serve you with your schedule in mind!