ZEASIDE CATERING takes you on a culinary voyage along the Coast, the gentle & rugged Mountains & the Plains of the Deccan peninsula. Exploring the cuisines of known & lesser-known communities in the 4 states of Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu & Andhra.

From Karnataka, the Cuisine of the Bunts & Christian community of Mangalore, the simple Udipi & flavourful Konkan food, the irresistible Nilgiri & Coorgi dishes and the lesser known Muslim Navayath cuisine.

From Kerala, the ever popular Syrian, Moplah & Tharavad Nair cuisines encompassing the magic of the spice gardens, the tempting sea & backwaters and the iconic ‘thatukadas’ (tea shops)

From Tamil Nadu, food from the famous Chettiyar kitchens, the contrasting Iyer & Iyengar cuisines, temple food and the delicious ‘fishermens’ offerings

From Andhra, the Kosta delights, exploring the Telengana & Rayalseema dishes, the pungent Rao & Reddy snacks & curries and the Muslim influenced delicacies

And we do extend our voyage to neighboring States along the Indian Coast by bringing in Master Chefs from those areas.

For us at ZEASIDE CATERING it is all about recreating & using traditional styles of cooking, some still followed in homes and some long forgotten, to bring out the true aroma & tastes. Making masalas with the traditional method of sundried spices & stone grinders/pounders, using seasonal vegetables and fresh seafood.

In short bringing to your table delicious traditional, home-style cooked food, served and presented impeccably.

ZEASIDE CATERING is an experience that pampers all your 5 senses and awakens your sixth sense by transporting you on a gastronomically delightful trip into the Deccan Peninsula.