Zeaside Foods under its various vertical leaders intends to evolve from the top of the consumer pyramid services of sit down dinners & lunches to pop up events into establishing a pan India chain of food trucks which will dispense food that is convenient, safe & qualitatively sound. The trucks will evolve as experiential centers into places where promotions and youth centric activities will take place besides being a point for professionals to interact and network. They will start with Delhi NCR in the next one year moving to other cities in North India within 2-3 years and then move to other cities and urbanized locations in 3-5 years.

The organization will also have regular meet ups and pop up events where similar minded stakeholders will participate with new brand introductions and product launches. These will have different cuisines curated by the executive chef and the story telling process will be led by experts who have exposure to variegated cultures. There will also be a gradual evolution from catering of coastal or peninsular food to managing fully fledged events such as weddings and anniversaries over the next 12-18 months. The management has decided to commence with 2 coastal trails this year where participants can have an involved vacation wherein they learn to cook, participate actively in the culture and enjoy interacting & learning from the others in the group.

Having established stringent parameters in the kitchen the management will also be working with 2-3 established chains in the next 12-24 months supplying qualitative, delectable and sanitized food products and packages which can include a variety of ready to eat foods in vegetarian and non vegetarian cuisines. There will also be a gradual but conscious entry into condiments, pickles and packaged coastal spices in partnership with others who are specialists in this area. These will be marketed through Zeaside events and sold through ecommerce and gourmet stores.

The leadership believes that while the ethos of Zeaside is sacrosanct there should be innovation, agility and flexibility in its approach. The team is on the lookout for 3 kinds of partners in its growth roadmap including employees with ownership, franchisees and vendors who buy into Zeaside’s business vision. After having bootstrapped and taken seed funding from investors who are active in the operations, the team at Zeaside endeavors to build up the various verticals under the various leaders to achieve excellence, brand recognition and financial success. While most brands believe in thinking global and acting local we believe in establishing our credentials in a geography specific manner and synergizing these initiatives to make a global resonance creating a niche yet cogent reputation for the brand & its offerings.