The Board of Zeaside is composed of seasoned management, hospitality, food business and services professionals some who relinquished their leadership roles with corporates and some who are in key positions with large groups. The board of Zeaside consists of Mr. Joseph Sam, Mr. Arun Kumar, Ms. Alka Kohli Mehta & Mr. Niju Varghese. Mr. Joseph Sam has incubated & built brands in the consumer goods, design & lifestyle space and currently serves as the Sr. Vice President of one of India’s leading stone mining groups. Chef Arun Kumar who had an extensive career in journalism, filmmaking, and the food services industry was key in building the brand ZAMBAR to establish it as one of India’s leading coastal food brands. Ms. Alka Kohli Mehta has worked in the service businesses focusing on the luxury, and retail sectors building iconic brands. Mr. Niju Varghese voted as one of India’s leading hospitality professionals has worked for over a decade and a half with the DIVA Group establishing their fine dining and catering businesses. The board currently is focused on building Zeaside Foods LLP into a fully fledged food services company focusing on catering & pop up events to food trucks and food trails later evolving into packaged foods, restaurants and resorts with the emphasis on quality, safety & creativity.

The board will shortly involve industry mentors to assist the leadership team with evolving industry best practices and bettering its offerings and services. The current vision of the board is to ensure that Zeaside Foods LLP has offerings from the top to the middle of the consumer pyramid and hence the leadership team should be oriented towards making the brand visible across the social strata.

Zeaside Foods continues to offer a mix of innovative new products in coastal foods along with tried and tested dishes. With emphasis on home style cooked methods there is also the personal touch that the team puts into every event that ensures that clients remember the distinction in the offering of taste, service and quality. We believe in the usage of fresh foods, authentic ingredients and unadulterated elements and have very strong respect for indigenous cultures, respect for our vendors & sources and in ensuring that our teams establish high performance standards in their deliverables, relentlessly. The board believes that every offering is not just about food & dining but also about an experience which has to be divine, memorable and enjoyable.

The board has mandated the three verticals of Zeaside Foods LLP to be looked after Mr. Tarunn Mehta, Mr. Niju Varghese and Mr. Arun Kumar. Mr. Joseph Sam will be selectively associated in brand and marketing direction.